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The ideal worker works for free from the love of their heart and bounty of their imagination no expectation of pay no benefits just vocation and vibes we the precariat the gigsters the gangsters of our own mine self-disciplined by boss in mind here’s a poem for free it took my whole life to write every freebie up until this moment building a body of labor awaiting discovery prestige and profit for talent honed in unemployment budget tightening late invoices let me check these boxes hmmm how long the grant application for table scraps the negotiation of time’s worthiness for a crapshoot lottery ticket qualification cv proof of personality identity marginalia publication education how come they ask about the degree and never the debt I applied for funds to live on I applied and said “I don’t have time to answer this question right now” about my work’s relevance to marginalized communities like I wasn’t the marginalized out of time to make ends meet and I was denied and I was denied and I was denied.