Three quarters view of the book "Americón" against a white background. The cover is yellow with red text and a blurry photography of two people lying in the grass. At the bottom of the cover is a small illustration of Cota flowers. Cover designed by Rissa Hochberger, featuring a photograph by Miranda Zhen-Yao Van-Boswell.

Americón exists in the world

Americon Aug 30, 2022

I conceived of this book three years ago, when my writing kept returning to visit my grandparents in New Mexico through a transing tongue, and it took shape during the months when the virus mutated from rumor to flight to lockdown, where the only way out of my peeling apartment was to

open the summer place
of cleft sand

seeing a page where

on either side

the tracks open, land
scape far t,wi s ting
into gullies and cañones
the, distance, between

a yearning for el

próximo ahí
donde me encuentro
yo, entre enter y exit

exist o

and now exist, somehow, it does, they do, these words and photographs rendered beautifully by designer Rissa Hochberger; carefully stewarded into the world by my editors Corinne Butta and Rachel Valinsky; welcomed patiently by the entire lovely staff of Wendy's Subway; graced on the cover with a photograph by my dear friend Miranda Zhen-Yao Van-Boswell; accompanied by the gifts of insightful readings by Mary-Kim Arnold, Sawako Nakayasu, and Raquel Salas Rivera; guided by the ear of my dear mentor Eleni Sikelianos; and made space for in the world by the vision of Renee Gladman. And now, I hope, loved by you.

Thank you to all these luminaries, and all the others (you know who you are/check the long-ass acknowledgments hehe) who've held me in writing and in life.

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