lies i tell myself

Poetry Jan 18, 2024

Que rico to ya not be tryna make it en usa anymore

Contradictions ease a bit
out of empire’s center
y el dólar's on my side.

Más alcoholismo
Menos Ivy League
Menos privilege allround (relatively)

& like so many more freaky freak freaks jijiji
Las disidencias aki están en una volá creepy
& tender, pero no tenderqueer.

& also less scary in the corporate gay way
O sea there are algunos around always
pero mis amix son autogestionadas

precarios punkis anarkavegan meme bbs miau <3
A little more color wouldn't hurt tho
emo goth otaku nunca pasó

de moda en el cono sur
Menos fixation on apocalypse too
My teoría is if you’ve got less to lose

y estás más acostumbrada a perder
you’re less afraid
of everything ending.

Ordinary pleasures
Inflation on the rise
& AI & genocide & narcos

I keep going to la feria
con mi carrito de señora
buy the cherries so ripe and bursting

they’d never make it whole
to your winter supermarket.

if i'm finally beginning to differentiate between the speaker of the poem and myself does that mean my prefrontal cortex is kicking in?

or that I’m getting over the residual fear of weaponized identity politics?
have i “found my poetic voice”? or just accepted that this is what the writing will be (for now)?

Llevo tanto tiempo atrapada

En el juego de esconder
Que soy travesti
Ajajajaja ay perdón
No habiai cachado

Serpenteando hermosa por la calle
Elle y ella y lxs demás en mi caminar
Like, jelou?
La transfobia es no saber qué hacer

Con una criatura tan inquietante
Hermosa rare rarito perra
Perrísima zorra exquisita
Sí soy

La hija del señor
María Magdalena tentación
La puta de Jesús
El nazareno e’ un mostacero

Y yo su puta travesti
Rezándole al sol
Regando la tierra con mi semilla
Cada luna nueva

Bienvenides a mi sermón
Travos lesbianas colas marikas
No binaries ángeles y demonios
Hacemos la iglesia de la tierra

Desarraigamos la humanidad
Y nos enraizamos desde el culo
Lamido y lubricado
Hasta el centro de la tierra

De la tierra de la tierra somos
Proclama nuestro perreo
La revuelta sodomita
Trayendo ruina y apocalipsis y gozar

i went with my boss from the museum in a little raft to the university that was an impenetrable wall beside the sea and we bombed it knowing the bomb wouldn’t do anything and we bombed it and it hardly scorched the wall and we ran away in our raft to a floating temple overgrown with plants where the sirens and the queers cavorted in the dirt i found an open oyster shell with a tiny pearl hidden in the silt and the seawater my pearl was soiled and i kept it that way shining muddy i took the oyster back to the raft and when we passed the university it was still impenetrable a little scorched but no one got hurt nothing was really damaged a successful nonviolent direct action nothing happened but my guilt and i awoke and fell asleep again and we were in my boss’s apartment stainless steel cold hanging lamps marble countertops it was dark night outside and the apartment building the whole thing rose and fell the city floated all around in endless stories of glass from deep below to high above and i had to leave i couldn’t be there i had to catch the building on its way down so i could go back i couldn't stay in that fancy apartment with my boss i had to get out get down get good get